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Please Note:  Club trips are designed for licensed vehicles and often enter and exit at different locations. Trailered unlicensed off road vehicles could therefore violate motor vehicle laws when returning to the start. Be sure to consider this if you intend to drive an unlicensed off road vehicle.

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2017 December newsletter

 | Published on 12/10/2017
Trailridge Runners 4WD Club Newsletter
Trailridge Runners 4WD Club
P.O. Box 1716 * Longmont, CO 80502

  December 2017 Newsletter

Club forum, email to, which will go to all TRR members
Club Business
Club Meeting
Wednesday December 13th, 6:30pm to 9:00pm - Meeting, Moose Lodge #1548, 2200 Pratt Street, Longmont, CO 80501. Open to all members and guests.

The lodge is one street west of main, between 21st and 23rd on Pratt Street. We'll be in the north hall. Folks who arrive early will need to enter at the main entrance, take the 2nd left, off the lobby, enter the middle hall and continue north to the north hall. The front door is a key card door but there is a button for the bar tenders to open the door. Those that arrive early can prop the door open on east side of the north hall so folks can park on the east side of the building and enter through that door.

Next Meeting:
6:00pm to 6:30pm - Social Time
6:30pm to 9:00pm - Meeting
  • Welcome guests.
  • Treasury amount and Fund amount.
  • Accept nominations for club officers.
  • Vote in any new members.
  • TRR Club Express update.
  • New/Other business.
  • Vote for club officers and Delegates.
  • Vote for 4 Wheeler of the year.
  • TRR Trivia.
  • Update calendar of events. Leaders to inform club on changes made to the online calendar.
  • Review the Moab Thanksgiving trip.
  • Review the Middle St. Vrain and Coney Flats seasonal road closure trip.
  • Review the Christmas Caravan.
  • Review the Club Christmas Party.
  • TRR Trivia results.
  • Close meeting.
Past Meeting Minutes
  • Welcomed guest Coleman and Steven.
  • Treasurers report was read. Fund report was read.
  • Club Express update. To send emails to all TRR members who have signed up for forums email to
  • Nomination of officers for 2018.
    • Pres – Greg Beery
    • Vice – Richard Harmon
    • Treas – Laddie Hanus
    • Sec – Adam Mehlberg
    • Delegates – Vic Walter, Larry McGimsey
  • Wanda made a motion, seconded by Debbie, to make the Peterson’s our Christmas Family this year and donate $500 from the Kilgour fund to them.
  • COA4WDCI 4th Quarterly meeting. Larry updated us on the meeting. Ray Comeau will be the Northern District VP. There are other open positions on the board of COA4WDCI. FEAT is working on going state wide. Raffle vehicle, 1998 Cherokee will be raffled off in 2018. Looking for a club to do the 2019 raffle vehicle. Special Edition newsletter for COA4WDCI will be printed again. First quarterly meeting will be held at Unser Kart Racing in Denver. Dues for COA4WDCI will be going back to $10. The third quarterly meeting will be in Grand Junction as a camping event again. Hopefully no rain this time.
  • Debbie discussed the Club Christmas party. There was no objection to the plan of holding the Christmas party at the Moose Lodge at 5:00 PM on December 2nd. Attendees can’t bring alcohol. The Moose lodge has gotten a permit from the city which will allow attendees (over 21) to order drinks individually at the bar. Paulette and Karla are doing the decorations. They will start setting up at 3pm.
  • Christy asked for pictures for the 2018 calendar. Her email address is:
  • Planning for the Moab Utah Thanksgiving trip. Forum was created to communicate the details.
  • Planning for the Middle St. Vrain seasonal closure run. Date set for November 26th.
  • Planning for the Christmas Caravan event.
  • Planning for the Club Christmas party.
  • Planning for 2018 trips. Leaders will update the Club Express online calendar.
  • TRR Trivia results.
  • Motion to close meeting by Wanda Comeau and second by Vic Walter. Meeting adjourned.
Club News


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You can also send an email to, which will go to all TRR members.

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Club Refreshments

The following people are signed up to bring refreshments to the club meetings.
  • Dec - Marc and Jennifer Dominguez
  • Jan –
  • Feb – Ray & Wanda Comeau
  • Mar – Marc and Jennifer Dominguez
  • Apr –
  • May –
  • Jun – James Henneke
  • Jul –
  • Aug - Matt & Carol Anne Schwall
  • Sep – Allen & Tammy Peterson
  • Oct –
  • Nov –
  • Dec -

TRR Trivia – December 2017

Last month’s TRR trivia was presented by Vic W, who was in a second place tie for the most points.

With the United States' involvement in WWII on the horizon, the government recognized a desperate need to replace its aging fleet of Model T's, calling for a small, lightweight, three seat, four-wheel drive vehicle. Karl Probst started work on his design for the barely-solvent truck company called Bantam on July 17, 1940, and finished two days later. The entire proposal, including cost estimates, was handed in to Uncle Sam on the 22nd. Bantam didn’t have the capabilities to produce the quantities needed so the Army brought in Willys and Ford. Both companies had a number of innovations.

Question (one point for each correct answer):

1. One of Ford's innovations was very prominent and is still present in Jeeps today. What is it?

2. One of Willys' innovations is very unique and is not seen in production vehicles throughout automotive history. However in the last 15-20 years the feature has been made available, but is still quite rare. What is it?

Answers: 1. grill; 2. 4 wheel steering

Congratulations to Ray C, Greg B, Brian M, and Gordy H, who each received one point for the correct answer of the grill. The second question eluded everyone; there were no correct answers.

Other interesting guesses: seat heaters, wench (yes, wench, with an “e”), place to put a shovel.

Laddie H continues to hold his lead in the points total with 6 points. There is now a tie for second place with 4 points each between Vic and Debbie, Greg B, and Gordy H. Jim C and Mike M are bringing up third place with 3 points each.

Next month’s trivia will be brought to you by Greg B.

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