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Please Note:  Club trips are designed for licensed vehicles and often enter and exit at different locations. Trailered unlicensed off road vehicles could therefore violate motor vehicle laws when returning to the start. Be sure to consider this if you intend to drive an unlicensed off road vehicle.

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2019 October newsletter

 | Published on 10/3/2019
Trailridge Runners 4WD Club Newsletter
Trailridge Runners 4WD Club
P.O. Box 1716 * Longmont, CO 80502

  October 2019 Newsletter

Club forum, email to, which will go to all TRR members
Club Business
Club Meeting
Wednesday October 9th, 6:30pm to 9:00pm - Meeting, Moose Lodge #1548, 2200 Pratt Street, Longmont, CO 80501. Open to all members and guests.

The lodge is one street west of main, between 21st and 23rd on Pratt Street. We'll be in the north hall. Folks who arrive early will need to enter at the main entrance, take the 2nd left, off the lobby, enter the middle hall and continue north to the north hall. The front door is a key card door but there is a button for the bar tenders to open the door. Those that arrive early can prop the door open on east side of the north hall so folks can park on the east side of the building and enter through that door.

Next Meeting:
6:30pm to 7:00pm - Board Meeting
  • Status our progress on items. See article for items.
6:30pm to 7:00pm - Social Time
7:01pm to 9:00pm - Meeting
  • Welcome guests.
  • Bestop presentation by Matt Parks.
  • Treasury amount and Fund amount.
  • Vote in any new members.
  • TRR Club Express update.
  • New/Other business.
  • Update calendar of events. Leaders to inform club on changes made to the online calendar.
  • Planning for the 35th Anniversary in 2020.
  • Planning for COA4WDCI 4th Q meeting.
  • Planning for the Picket Wire Canyon trip.
  • Planning for Moon and Pickle Gulch trip.
  • Planning for the November Planning meeting.
  • Planning for the Moab, Utah Thanksgiving trip.
  • Planning for the Toys for Tots caravan.
  • Planning for the club Christmas party.
  • Review of Miller Rock FR523.1C project.
  • Review of South Dakota trip.
  • Review of Caribou trip.
  • Review of Larimer County fall color run.
  • Close meeting.
Past Meeting Minutes
  • Welcome to our guest, Dale Thoms, Jim and Jackie Burnett.
  • Treasurers report was read. Fund report was read.
  • Club Express update. To send emails to all TRR members who have signed up for forums email send to Roger has created mini manuals to help with adding events to the calendar and joining forums. He has also been working on the online membership module to make it match our membership process.
  • Debbie will set up the Moose Lodge Taco Bar meal for our Planning Meeting in November. The November meeting will start at 6:00pm. Cost will be $7.
  • Status of promotional committee work. We will be restarting this committee with some better guidelines in November.
  • Middle St. Vrain and Coney Flats map and guide grant with COA4WDCI, forms with Forest Service. They have not reviewed or signed them yet. Money would not be available until next year.
  • Discussion on Group Raise, Give Back Night for pre meeting dinners. Way to get a percentage back to the club from the restaurant.
  • Discussed the Nugget Hill area and Forest Service and Boulder County’s plans for the area.
  • Planning for the TRR 35th anniversary event. Survey results from the web site will be presented at the November club meeting.
  • Planning for Peru Creek and Santa Fe Peak, moved to September 14.
  • Moon Gulch and Pickle Gulch on November 7 will change to Switzerland Trail.
  • Picket Wire Canyon trip added to the calendar on October 26.
  • Planning for Caribou Color run. September 28.
  • Planning for Larimer Color run. Buckhorn, Moody Hill, Old Flowers Road. October 5.
  • Planning for Colorado Association of 4WD Clubs meeting October 26 in Buena Vista.
  • Review of Red Cone and Radical Hill trip.
  • Review of Rollins Pass West.
  • Review of Red Elephant Hill and Bill Moore Lake.
  • Review of Pass Hoppers trip.
  • Review of the Caribou Mine tour.
  • Motion to close meeting by Vic W, second by Wanda C.
  • Presentation on using Club Express.
Club News


The TRR Forum is on our Club Express page. Go to TRR Main page and login. Click your member section in the upper right and then click on your profile. Select the Froum link at the bottom to set your preferences and forums you want to join.
You can also send an email to, which will go to all TRR members.

Club Refreshments

The following people are signed up to bring refreshments to the club meetings.
  • Oct – Larry and Paulette McGimsey
  • Nov – Paula Kratzer
  • Dec – Gary Bogott

Board meeting notes

  • 1. Long term access to a meeting room at the Moose Lodge. Providing a meeting space for organizations such as TRR is a service the Moose Lodge does for the community. It is not a requirement that TRR has a member in the Moose Lodge to enjoy this community service.
  • 2. Promotional Committee priorities. We discussed priority topics that need to be completed to support new members. The first is to finalize what a new member packet contains and document the process. We will need welcoming committee volunteers and the ability of any club officer to fill in if necessary. We also need a new member mentor group. The decisions and processes for these new member support functions need to be documented and presented to the club officers and then the membership.
  • 3. Required trip/event registration. We discussed a method for requiring event/trip registration through Club Express. Ideas to accommodate those who are not computer/web savvy were suggested. This is also a high priority topic. It was noted that only folks who do NOT register for an event/trip would need to sign a waiver at the trip meeting location. This translates into less work for the trip leader.
  • 4. Facebook and TRR general forum usage rules. We discussed the possible need for controls and perhaps a formal set of usage rules for each. It was decided we won’t address this immediately, as support for new members is the priority.

Trip Pictures

You can find picture albums of all the recent trips on our web site at

We are going to presentations, or verbal descriptions of the trips at the meetings, less written articles.

Recent Trip Articles

Miller Rock FR523.1C Project

by Adam Mehlberg

On a nice sunny Saturday, September 14, some of our members headed up to the Raymond Store to meet Skye and Jayme of the Boulder Ranger District to do some route control on our adopted road, Miller Rock. We needed to create an end of road barrier where the MVUM show the end of FR523.1C. People had been driving vehicles, ATVs, and Side by Sides down to the Middle St. Vrain River, beyond the end of the road and were making user trails along river and ups the banks. One Jeep had crossed the river and tried to drive up the old ledge road where he slid off and got stuck. It was time to solve this problem.


Gordon, Greg and myself, brought small trailers to haul up the buck and rail, generators, signs, and posts. After loading materials from the Forest Service trailer, Gary and Paula took the lead, followed by Gordon, Richard and Carla, Mark, me, James, and Greg. This put someone in front of each vehicle with a trailer in case they needed help over and obstacle.


At the top we took a left onto FR523 and headed east. As we went in we noted areas that would need some work on our way out. After making all of the intersections, we came to where the end of FR523.1C should end. It was in an area that afforded a turn around. We unloaded the materials and planned out where the fencing would go. Gary, Paula, Gordon, and James went down the road past the closure point and hauled as many large dead trees as they could find into the road to help deter traffic.


While they were doing that, the rest of us got busy on the fence. First we assembled the bucks and laid them out where they would be placed. Next, we started the assembly of the rails to the bucks. We built four sections with down rails at the end.

Miller Rock prj 2019 fence

Miller Rock proj 2019 sign


Using a T-Bar we placed a sign in the center of the old road bed with the fencing.

Miller Rock proj 2019 group


It didn’t take long to complete the fence once we got started.


After loading the tools, we headed back out, stopping to replace a carsonite at FR532.1B. We also used carsonites to block off an illegal route up around some boulders. These may not last, but it’s a start.


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