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Please Note:  Club trips are designed for licensed vehicles and often enter and exit at different locations. Trailered unlicensed off road vehicles could therefore violate motor vehicle laws when returning to the start. Be sure to consider this if you intend to drive an unlicensed off road vehicle.

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2020 February newsletter

 | Published on 2/4/2020
Trailridge Runners 4WD Club Newsletter
Trailridge Runners 4WD Club
P.O. Box 1716 * Longmont, CO 80502

  February 2020 Newsletter

Club forum, email to, which will go to all TRR members
Club Business
Club Meeting
Wednesday February 12th, 6:30pm to 9:00pm - Meeting, Moose Lodge #1548, 2200 Pratt Street, Longmont, CO 80501. Open to all members and guests.

The lodge is one street west of main, between 21st and 23rd on Pratt Street. We'll be in the north hall. Folks who arrive early will need to enter at the main entrance, take the 2nd left, off the lobby, enter the middle hall and continue north to the north hall. The front door is a key card door but there is a button for the bar tenders to open the door. Those that arrive early can prop the door open on east side of the north hall so folks can park on the east side of the building and enter through that door.

Next Meeting:
6:30pm to 6:59pm - Board Meeting
  • Updates on membership process.
  • Begin membership cost discussion.
  • Bylaws update/changes.
6:30pm to 6:59pm - Social Time
7:00pm to 9:00pm - Meeting
  • Welcome guests.
  • Treasury amount.
  • Vote in any new members.
  • TRR Club Express update.
  • Club bylaw update.
  • New/Other business.
  • Update calendar of events. Leaders to inform club on changes made to the online calendar.
  • Planning for the 35th Anniversary in 2020.
  • Close meeting.
Past Meeting Minutes
  • Guests were Tom Langley, Ivan Getting, Susan Cook, Jeannine Darnell, Marcus Lang.
  • Welcome to our newest member Marcus Lang.
  • Treasurers report was read. Fund report was read.
  • Matt presented the 2020 budget with previous budgets as reference. Motion by Greg B, second by Mike M to approve the budget. Motion passed.
  • To send emails to all TRR members who have signed up for forums email send to
  • New guest sign in started. It includes mentors for new members and guests.
  • A new General Club Forum Archive has been created to place old threads in for future reference.
  • Planning for the TRR 35th anniversary event. Committee leads are now set up:
    Hotel - Gary Bogott – Gary is contacting hotels for options. No discounts yet. Probably due to moving our date to the prime season, instead of off season.
    Restaurant – Christy Howe
    Trips – Don Lamprecht (now Gordon) – Committee is working on trips. Most likely three trips per day. Will need leaders.
    Registration – Kevin Burkhart
    Pennant – Wanda Comeau – Pennant design is being worked.
    Tee Shirt – Adam Mehlberg – T-Shirt designs will be put up on a survey to allow club members to vote.
    Please contact these committee leads if you would like to help out on these committees.
  • Discussion on modifying the dates for the 35th event. Voted to keep the dates the same, September 23 to 30. Some members will be in Moab on September 20th for those that wish to go out for a weekend to weekend.
  • Review of the club Christmas Party.
  • Discussed changing the December meeting, club Christmas party, and Toys for Tots events to reduce the number of meetings in December.
  • Mike C has posted his favorite pictures from 2019 into a Photo Album on the web site.
  • Motion to close meeting by Vic W, second by Wanda C.
Club News


The TRR Forum is on our Club Express page. Go to TRR Main page and login. Click your member section in the upper right and then click on your profile. Select the Froum link at the bottom to set your preferences and forums you want to join.
You can also send an email to, which will go to all TRR members.

Club Refreshments

The following people are signed up to bring refreshments to the club meetings.
  • Feb – Erin Borel, Amber Fuller
  • Mar – Roger Briden, Linda Giandinoto
  • Apr – Paula Kratzer
  • May – Lynn & Mike Cohan
  • Jun – Matt & Carol Anne Schwall
  • Jul –
  • Aug – Jeremy & Cindy Gibb
  • Sep – James Henneke
  • Oct – Mark Grayson
  • Nov – Debbie Trever, Vic Walter
  • Dec – Gary Bogott

35th Anniversary Event

The planning is taking place for the TRR 35th anniversary event in Moab, Utah. If you are thinking about attending please go to the club calendar and register for the event. We need to get an idea of number of participants to plan the 4WD roads, number of leaders and gunners required, and which days to go four wheeling. There is also a forum that you should join to keep informed on the planning activities.

Promotion Committee Documents

The Promotion Committee (PC), has completed a process for greeting non-members and new members who are attending their first club meeting. The goal of this work is to make folks who have not been to a Trailridge Runners club meeting feel more comfortable and to provide them with the assistance they desire. To enhance this process a few documents have been generated. These documents have been approved by the PC and the club officers. Now it’s time for the membership to look over these documents (proofread them), provide feedback and note errors we missed. The documents are on the Club Express website under the Documents tab. You’ll have to be logged in to see this tab. Look near the top of the document folders for the one titled Membership/Onboarding. There you will find 4 documents.
The Greeting Process document is just that, a process the PC has created to help new members.
The Welcome New Member document is what will be handed to a new member who is attending their first meeting. It helps them understand the importance of access to Club Express and also prompts them to get together with a mentor.
The Guest/Welcome Information Sheet will be handed to a non-member who is present at the meeting for whatever purpose. It explains a little about Trailridge Runners as a club and the dues structure.
The Guest Sign-Display is a physical sign to greet folks and encourage them to fill out a guest name tag.
Please send your proofreading suggestions and notes directly to Gordon at

Volunteers Needed:

Proofreading, New Member Mentors, Welcoming Committee, and Promotion Committee Director
Now that we’re re-establishing a welcoming process to enhance the experience of non-members and new members, we need a few volunteers to assist with the process. None of these volunteer positions require outside work. Predominately the activity occurs during social time before the actual meeting.
You can help greet folks at the welcome table. You could be a mentor. That’s sort of like agreeing to answer a new member’s questions, explain what the officers are talking about, or whatever they come up with. It’s providing a new member with a go-to person so they don’t feel self-conscious about asking questions. It will help them get to know members and club processes more quickly. The third need for volunteers is an informal, occasional duty set of proofreaders. When we generate any form of written material that represents the Trailridge Runners 4WD Club, it needs to be perused for errors and statements that might be misconstrued by another reader. Please keep in mind that the more folks who step forward to fill these positions, the lighter the work is for all volunteers. Should you desire to fill one or more of these positions respond directly to Gordon at

Bylaws Update

We will be updating the club bylaws to match some of the recent changes we have made to our operation. Members may also send bylaw updates to the secretary to be included in this review and approval process. Below is an example of some changes that are required.

Article 3 Membership - Section F - Each paid membership will receive the monthly club newsletter, one club decal, and one small club jacket patch. Each paid membership will include membership in the Colorado Association of 4WD Clubs Colorado 4WD Association. and membership in the United 4WD Associations.

Article 4 Dues - Section A - The annual dues for “Supporting” members of the club shall be $20.00 plus the cost of Colorado Association of 4WD Clubs Inc. Colorado 4WD Association, Blue Ribbon Coalition, United 4WD Associations, and Colorado Off-Highway Vehicle Coalition dues. The cost of the Colorado Association of 4WD Clubs Inc. Colorado 4WD Association, Blue Ribbon Coalition, United 4WD Associations, and Colorado Off-Highway Vehicle Coalition dues will be waived if the member is already a member of said associations. There will be an additional $5.00 dues for any member who requests a hard copy newsletter.

Article 4 Dues - Section B - The annual dues for “Members” of the club shall be $20.00 plus the cost of Colorado Association of 4WD Clubs Inc. Colorado 4WD Association dues. The cost of the Colorado Association of 4WD Clubs Inc. Colorado 4WD Association dues will be waived if the member is already a member of this organization. There will be an additional $5.00 dues for any member who requests a hard copy newsletter.

Article 4 Dues - Section C - The annual dues for “Associate” members of the club shall be $15.00. Associate members are those individuals or families who live more than 50 miles from Longmont, or are unable to participate in regular club activities.

Article 8 Officers / Delegates - Section H - The Club delegates represent the Trailridge Runners 4WD Club at the any Colorado Association of 4 Wheel Drive Clubs (CoA4WDCI) Colorado 4WD Association (CO4WDA) quarterly meetings. The Delegates will report the activities that take place at the CoA4WDCI CO4WDA meetings back to the members of the Trailridge Runners 4WD Club.
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